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Assurant Dental Insurance Offers Comprehensive Coverage

Assurant Dental Insurance

You need quality dental care to maintain healthy, strong teeth, but paying for that care can be expensive. Individual dental insurance is available through Assurant Dental. Programs are customized for individuals or family members, so you can get the stand alone dental insurance that’s right for your needs.

Cost of Coverage

A family of three with a 35-year old father, 30-year old mother and 5-year old son can expect to pay $98.41 a month for the impressive coverage offered by Assurant Dental. A single male aged 35 will have a premium level of $42.50 a month. The monthly costs are not the least expensive of dental plans, but based on the coverage offered and accessibility of any dentist nationwide, Assurant Dental offers the most benefits for the premium dollars spent.

Covered Services

The plan has a calendar-year benefit maximum of $1,500 per member in addition to allowing up to $200 for two basic service visits for each insured family member. In the first year, the plan also covers up to 50 percent of basic services like anesthesia, fillings, extraction and the repair and adjustment of dentures. In the second year, these services are covered at 100%.

With this assurant dental insurance protection, major work like inlays, crowns, endodontics, periodontics, dentures, oral surgery and fixed prosthodontics are all covered. Other insurance plans only cover annual exams, basic cleanings and a few basic services like anesthesia and fillings, but the Assurant Dental plan provides you with more extensive protection. For major services there is a 180 day waiting period, then benefits are paid at 50%. After the policy has been in-force for 1 year, benefits are paid at 100% of the per service benefit.

Annual Maximum

Dental care is expensive, and major work is particularly costly. Other insurance plans like Humana only provide you with up to $1,000 per year, but Assurant Dental carries a generous plan maximum of $1,500. This is above and beyond the $200 they provide for annual exams and preventive services, so the plan benefit is more accurate described as $1,700 a year.

Assurant Dental – Other Benefits

Assurant Dental

The Assurant Dental plan offers other important benefits like no waiting period for checkups. As soon as you are insured, you can make an appointment with the dentist. Cash benefits are sent directly to you, so you don’t have to wait for the dentist to submit the claim and then reimburse you for the payment. An excellent choice for additional insurance, Assurant pays in addition to other dental plans.

Use this plan to visit any dentist because there are no network restrictions. Easily added to your medical plan, there is no additional underwriting required to invest in dental coverage with Assurant dental.

With the right insurance, you won’t have to worry about covering the high cost of dental care. You can afford to protect your teeth with preventive care and timely services. You can ensure that your children grow up with healthy and strong teeth, and it all starts with affordable dental insurance coverage from Assurant dental.

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