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Group health insurance is a fantastic way for employers to offer better rates on health insurance to all their full-time employees and their families. Most Americans currently have health care coverage through some form of group health insurance plan, and group health insurance Florida is available even for small businesses and those who are self-employed.

Understand the Process

With group health insurance Florida, the company chooses a plan and invites employees to enroll. However, 75 percent of the employees must participate for the group plan to go into effect. Employees appreciate the insurance coverage because they are guaranteed health insurance coverage, and the employer covering part of the premium makes it more affordable.

Once you have found an self employed health insurance plan that suits your needs and you believe will work for your employees, you can sign up for the insurance and send open enrollment information to your employees. Employers are required to cover 50 percent or more of their employee’s monthly premiums, and they may also contribute to the premiums for family members. The balance is paid by employees.

Policies feature guaranteed rates for 12 months as a time. At end of the period, the rates may rise. If you are not pleased with the new rates of your self employed health insurance, then you can go back to the free market and look for a better plan. However, if you are satisfied with the new rates, then you can continue with the same group health plan. Employers are welcome to look for a new plan at any time if they are dissatisfied with the company or coverage.

Is it the Right Choice?

Most employers recognize the benefits of offering group health insurance. It helps them retain the best talent in the industry, and the premiums are tax-deductible. Employees appreciate the coverage because they cannot be denied coverage based on pre-existing conditions or medical history. It boosts employee morale and makes the business more appealing to potential applicants.

Qualifying Companies

Companies with a few hundred employees generally qualify for most plans. Smaller agencies with a handful of workers will also qualify for certain plans. Experienced insurance agents will help you find the right plans that your company qualified for, so you can make the right insurance decision.

Signing up for Insurance

Whether you are looking for group health insurance Florida for the first time or just trying to find a better deal, it starts with sharing information about your company and employees. Once the agent has this information, you will be presented with various plans, their costs and the benefits associated with them. You will then have the opportunity to review the information and find the plan that will work best for your team.

When it is time to invest in self employed health insurance, start by working with a trained agent. They can help you find the best programs at attractive prices you and your employees will appreciate. Shopping around will help you find the best rates, and taking the time to invest in insurance is a wise investment in your employees and the future of your company.

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