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5/08/2015 By: Heather s. Cleveland, OH

Josh was very helpful and patient when we purchased our insurance through the Marketplace. He found us a great plan and walked us through all the steps needed to set up our plan. A lifesaver! I would highly recommend Docktor’s Insurance. Thank you again Josh!!!

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6/19/2012 By: Ana M. Corte Madera, CA

I have called Josh Docktor 2 times now and I had a great experience both times. He is really very good. They know what they are talking about and they aren’t just trying to sell you something. They give genuinely good advice on what makes sense for your particular needs. I would highly recommend him to anyone out there shopping for health insurance.


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12/06/2010 By: J.E. Miami Beach, FL

I recently moved to Fla from LA and my CA health insurance co did not work in Fla. I would have to go back to LA for anything I wanted covered. I was concerned about changing health insurance companies especially since I am in my middle 50s. and health insurance cos don’t like taking on new folks if they’re above a certain age. Josh Docktor was amazingly helpful and made the process easy and quick. I had found someone else locally first who turned out to be a flake and dishonest.

I was really worried about finding someone I didn’t have a reference or referral for. I googled local agents found Josh read his Yelp reviews which were glowing and they are deserved. He found me an excellent policy. He is very knowledgeable courteous and patient…easy to work with and I would HIGHLY recommend him as an indi  insurance agent to anyone.  Five stars without question. I no longer have to stress about this matter and it is a great relief.

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10/07/2010 By: Amber W. Miami, FL

Docktor’s Insurance and Josh Docktor made buying health insurance an easy and efficient process. He provided a one stop shop in reviewing various policies and options that suited me best. He was thorough in his explanations; and wasn’t afraid to offer sound advice that was for the benefit of the client, not his bank account. Josh Docktor has also been incredibly diligent in following up with me when my policy is set to roll over, and providing me with new information and insight.

There is nothing better than working with someone that allows me to focus on my life, and not worry about the potentially stressful process of choosing my health coverage and protection from the myriad of options out there that confuse us all. With Josh, I know I have an expert with significant experience on top of it to turn to.

Thank you Josh Docktor

01/25/2010 By: Roger C.

You are very knowledgeable and professional,  the automation  you utilize is state of the art cutting edge technology. Your  guidance and assistance made the process very enjoyable smooth and easy. After several days of frustration navigating the internet, I was very pleased with the level of personal service combined with the ease of doing business you offered. I am sure you have a bright, long term future in the insurance industry. I recently retired after 35 years personally and 102 years for my family as an Independent Agents. You have brought our industry to a new standard  by putting a “virtual kitchen table” before agent and client. This returns the sales experience to a higher and more personal level of service and establishes you as  local professional, This is often lost in today’s age of instant information and Cyberspace.

Keep up the good work, I could not be more pleased with the help you provided me in obtaining  my Health Insurance today.
Most sincerely,
Roger C.

Easy to work with!

11/04/2009 By: Lydia L.

Hired Josh Docktor as a Insurance Agent in 2006

“Josh helped me select and purchase health insurance a few years ago. Since then, I have employer-provided insurance, but I really remember that he was easy to work with. Based on my needs he presented me with the options available and helped me select the plan best for me. He was personable, but not pushy. I refer him to all my friends who are shopping for health insurance.” Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , High Integrity

5 Stars!

05/19/2009 By Arleen C.

This is my insurance agent, his name is Josh Docktor and he’s been the best I have dealt with in a long time.  He’s a young man with a very nice, attentive and professional attitude.  He will go out of his way to find the information you need and the best insurance coverage that suits you and yours.  If you even need any kind of medical/life or annuity insurance coverage, this is the person you need to call.  Even though he’s in Ft. Lauderdale, he will go anywhere you need him to.  When we first did business with him a while back, he came to our Doral office to bring us all the info. we needed to make a decision on new medical insurance and, from then on, he can pretty much do everything on the phone with you through the internet.

Honest, Experienced, and Professional 5 Star Rating – World class

03/05/2009 By J. W.

I contacted Docktor’s Insurance recently after I had received a 25% increase in my premium from the health insurer I had been with for almost 30 years, although there were no changes in my health. Josh Docktor was honest, experienced, patient and very professional as we worked through his suggestions of various options with many different health insurance companies for my situation. His recommendation of a policy from a national health insurer with a higher deductible, using a Health Savings Account, was perfect, and should save me substantial monies.I can recommend Josh Docktor of Docktor’s Insurance without hesitation.

Very helpful and friendly

0/2/2010 By D.G.

He provided great service and was well informed. Thank you Josh!
Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , High Integrity
hired Josh Docktor as a Insurance Agent in 2007

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1/3/2011 By Barry L.

I got my Coventry/Vista Insurance through Josh Docktor and it was the best thing I ever did!  These days getting health insurance can be a very confusing and quite frankly a scary process.   Its really a guessing game over where you are going to get your best coverage and I didn’t want to be the victim and caught without it when an emegency arises.
Josh made it very simple.  He explained everything and answered all the questions that I had without flaw.  He made me feel comfortable in my purchase.

I was especially glad when three months ago I had to have surgery and found out that it was going to be in the $20,000 range.  Best part was that my health insurance paid for it!!  You don’t realize just how important your health insurance coverage is until you need it the most!

Thanks Josh!!

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9/30/2012 by Sandra G

Josh Docktor is my insurance agent. He is very professional and helped me a lot with my health insurance! I really recommend him to anyone out there shopping for insurance. He does everything for u and makes the process very easy and fast.
Thanks Josh.


"Josh Docktor, an Indendepent Agent with Docktor's Insurance was amazingly helpful and made the process easy and quick"

J.E. Miami Beach, FL


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