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You only need less than 5 minutes to review this article — and you will then know everything a consumer should know about buying final expense life insurance.   Here’s what we’ll explain for you:

  • The Top 5 Final Expense Life Insurance Companies in America
  • How to qualify for term or whole life insurance
  • Where life insurance companies check with applicants like you
  • More tips about final expense life insurance

Why You Should Consider a Final Expense Life Insurance Policy

When you’re looking for life insurance coverage fast — without the hassle from waiting to be scheduled for a medical exam or the delays in accessing your medical records, then final expense life insurance quotes may be right for you.  Just remember that you’ll be paying a little more for this convenience. Reasonably good health can make a big difference – and Docktor’s Insurance knows how to handle every unique situation – and find the BEST RATES for the MAXIMUM COVERAGE.

We understand why you need a final expense policy as quickly issued as possible:

  • You’re concerned about your loved ones because some very near & dear to you died recently.
  • You want to protect a co-signer on a loan, or
  • You’re aging but are still planning to travel, maybe overseas, very soon.
  • You consider yourself to be reasonably healthy, but you haven’t seen your doctor in almost two years.

We frequently suggest final expense life insurance companies that do NOT require a medical exam in those situations.  Known as burial policies, we are fully informed where there’s a lot of leniency in underwriting.

And you may never know what your next annual check-up will uncover.  Even the most common symptoms like an elevated cholesterol A1C level or a difference in blood pressure can increase your premiums beyond the underwriting norms for a no medical exam policy.

At Docktor’s Insurance, our licensed agents know that your individual situation must be very carefully evaluated. There are different underwriting guidelines for final expense life insurance companies, and we keep track of those differences.

Let’s start with a list of The TOP 5 among all of the best life insurance companies who require No Medical Exams.  Our agents know about several companies who provide life insurance for diabetics with no medical exam, if that’s something we will need to consider.  Know that all conversations are confidential; feel relaxed to discuss any of your medical conditions openly.

Please note that Docktor’s Insurance uses an Instant Quote method that can’t quote all 856 of the American companies; some life insurance companies don’t allow it.  But those who will allow us to provide you with an instant quote are numerous, more than enough to provide you with good coverage and valid financial cost comparisons.

To have a Docktor’s Insurance agent compare final expenses insurance for your requirements, please take two minutes NOW to fill out our zip-code form on the right (so we select the correct state-approved life insurance companies) and then complete the quote request form, or you can call us for free quotes over the phone:

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The Top 5 Final Expense Life Insurance Companies

#1: American Continental Insurance Company – AetnaAmerican Continental Insurance

American Continental Insurance Company enjoys an “A Excellent” rating from A.M. Best Rating Services which was assigned in June of 2016. The company’s outlook is considered “Stable” which indicates the company will have no issues meeting future financial and operational obligations.

Their life insurance policies have been carefully crafted to meet specific needs like yours, Final Expense Life Insurance:


Aetna will APPROVE individuals that most other companies decline.

Most applications to Aetna are approved within minutes after we submit them.  If you have been declined by other final expense life insurance companies, Docktor’s Insurance can evaluate your personal situation and we may suggest that you give Aetna a try for your coverage.

Available Products

The company currently offers three types of whole life insurance for prospective clients. They offer a Level Benefit Plan for applicants that have minor health conditions, a Graded Benefit Plan for applicants with more severe health conditions and a Modified Benefit Plan for those applicants who do not medically qualify for the Level and Graded plans.

Level Benefit Plan

  • Eligible issue ages are 45 – 89 based on last birthday
  • Minimum death benefit: $3,000
  • Maximum death benefit: $35,000
  • Death benefit is available from the first day covered

Graded Benefit Plan

  • Eligible issue ages are 45 – 80 based on age last birthday
  • Minimum death benefit: $3,000
  • Maximum death benefit: $35,000
  • Death Benefit is effective first day if death results from an accident
  • Non-accidental death

1st Policy year: 40% of the death benefit

2nd Policy year: 75% of the death benefit

3rd Policy year and later: 100% of the death benefit

Modified Benefit Plan

  • Eligible issue ages are 45 – 75 based on age last birthday
  • Minimum death benefit: $3,000
  • Maximum death benefit: $35,000
  • Death Benefit is effective first day if death results from an accident
  • Non-accidental death

1st and 2nd Policy year: 110% of premiums paid

3rd Policy year and later: 100% of the death benefit

For more information about America Continental Life Insurance or any of the many other insurance carriers we represent, call the insurance professionals at Docktor’s Insurance at  (888) 773-1181

mutual of omaha final expense life insurance

#2:  Mutual of Omaha

Available for people between 45 and 85 years of age, there is life insurance with no medical exam where you can call us NOW to apply over the phone and then sign via email, electronically.

Individuals under age 85 can purchase United of Omaha final expense whole life insurance up to a maximum of $40,000.  These policies usually take 2 weeks for approval by underwriting. Once approved, the rates and coverage amount are guaranteed to be fixed during your lifetime.

The policy benefits begin immediately for both illness and accident coverage.  Mutual of Omaha, the parent company for United of Omaha, is usually our selection for the best priced Final Expense policy for healthy individuals.

Living Promise Level Benefit Plan is issued for ages 45 up to 85, with $2,000-$40,000 coverage available.

To be approved, applicants must answer “No” to all the health questions asked.  Applicants must be within the standard Medical Build chart; for example, someone 5′-6” must weigh less than 268 pounds.

There is also the requirement to pass the MIB and Pharmaceutical verifications, and random phone interview by a company underwriter.

final expense whole life insurance

#3: Gerber Life Insurance

Gerber Life Insurance offers Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance.

No medical questions are asked and you can not be denied APPROVAL

This policy is often recommended by Docktor’s Insurance for individuals, age 50 up to age 80, with severe medical conditions.  If you – or a loved one or friend – is coping with pain and worried about covering their expenses, call us – we can help.

This Gerber policy is final expense whole life insurance where cash value is accrued over time, and no medical exam is EVER required.  It offers a maximum of $25,000 of coverage.

Since Gerber as a final expense life insurance company is willing to take on greater health risks, the premiums are higher and you will have a two- year waiting period before the policy will completely cover death by illness.

Gerber does provide coverage for New York state residents, which most guaranteed issue life insurance carriers back away from offering.

Gerber may be your last resort if you are unable to get life insurance from any other company.

However, this well-respected company certainly has proven itself to provide a valuable place in estate planning for thousands of Americans.

You may be feeling adrift right now; others that Docktor’s Insurance have helped also felt overwhelmed — facing large medical expenses and the financial pressures on their loved ones.  When they were covered by Gerber Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance, they found that some coverage for those debts was better than leaving behind nothing at all to cover final expenses.

For a confidential telephone application with MORE details about final expense insurance to meet your personal needs,

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final expense life insurance

#4: Assurity Life Insurance

Assurity Life Insurance final expense – “Simplified Issue”

For ages 66 to 80, Assurity offers a Simplified Issue Whole Life Insurance Policy offers a maximum coverage of $25,000.

Simplified Level Benefit Whole Life is issued from Ages 0 (new-born infant) up to age 80.  Coverage varies by age:

  • $10,000-$50,000 coverage available for ages 0-19
  • $5,000-$50,000 coverage available for ages 20-65
  • $5,000-$25,000 coverage available for ages 66-80

To be approved by Assurity, applicants must honestly answer “No” to all the health questions asked by your Docktor’s Insurance agent.  Applicants must be within the medical build chart range; namely, someone 5′-6” tall must weigh between 101 and 278 pounds.

There are also three additional requirements:  pass the MIB, the Pharmaceutical Records report and a random phone interview with an Assurity representative.

These are popular for final expenses insurance used to pay off credit cards, any co-signed student loan debts or automobile purchases, medical bills plus other emergency expenses.

Most people buy final expense life insurance to cover burial expenses, currently as much as $12,000 – or Cremation & Internment costs, up to $2,000

You can complete an Assurity phone application with Docktor’s Insurance or get a paper application through the mail.  A decision will be made within 14 days or less after being submitted to the Assurity Underwriters.

For Assurity No Medical Exam Life Insurance quotes, please fill out our zip-code request form (on the right) or call Docktor’s Insurance for more details at (888) 773-1181.

Senior Term Life Insurance

#5:  Fidelity Life Insurance

Fidelity Life Insurance offers one of the best final expense insurance policies with a decision within 48 hours!  You are required to complete the application over the phone with a licensed agent who will explain all of your options. Fidelity Life offers the most lenient underwriting available for individuals age 50 to age 85.

Medical conditions that are normally declined by other final expense insurance companies are approved by Fidelity Life.

Senior Term Life Insurance Issue Limits:

10 Year Term
Issue Age / Face Amounts
50-55 / $10,000 – $150,000
56-65 / $10,000 – $100,000
66-70 / $10,000 – $50,000

20 Year Term
Issue Age / Face Amounts
50-55 / $10,000 – $150,000
56-65 / $10,000 – $100,000

30 Year Term
Issue Age / Face Amounts
50-55 / $10,000 – $150,000
56-60 / $10,000 – $100,000

Senior Whole Life Insurance Issue Limits:

Issue Age / Face Amounts
50-55 / $10,000 – $150,000
56-65 / $10,000 – $100,000
66-75 / $10,000 – $50,000
76-85 / $10,000 – $25,000

Only accidental death coverage is provided during the first 3 years; with year 4 you will have full coverage.  Your insurance agent can explain these in detail.  You will quickly know if you meet the Fidelity Life underwriting requirements for final expense insurance coverage: If you can have some health issues, you may still qualify with Fidelity Life.

#6: Royal Neighbors of AmericaRoyal Neighbors of America

Royal Neighbors of America offers Simplified Issue Whole Life (SIWL)

Typically used for final expenses like funeral and burial costs and other end-of-life costs that the individual does not want to leave for surviving loved ones, the SIWL insurance product is designed especially for women,

SIWL is popular with seniors because it can be purchased up to age 85 in face amounts from $5,000 to $25,000.

Simplified Issue Whole Life is a no exam life product that is commonly underwritten and issued in a matter of days rather than weeks.

The policy is fully guaranteed for the lifetime of the named insured and cannot be canceled by the company as long as the periodic premium is paid. The policy will accumulate cash value over time what will earn a guaranteed interest rate that is stated in the policy. This accumulated cash value can be accessed through policy loans or by surrendering the policy.

Royal Neighbors of America is a fraternal organization that was organized to benefit the members of the communities where members (policyholders) reside.

For a confidential telephone application with MORE details about final expense insurance to meet your personal needs,

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#7: Liberty Bankers Life Insurance (LBL)

Liberty Bankers Life final expense insurance – “Simplified Issue Market PermaLife” SIMPL

The LBL final expense insurance policy was designed to enable policyholders to designate a death benefit that would cover various final expenses left by the policyholder to surviving loved ones and friends.

It is a Whole Life Insurance policy that does not require the applicant to undergo a medical exam and can be issued in a simple fashion and very quickly.

Underwriting is made up of the application, Medical Information Bureau Report, and an RX report provided from a third party, however, a telephone interview with an underwriter may be required and is considered on a case-by-case basis.

Eligible issue ages range from 18 to 80 years-old and available death benefits range from $5,000 to $30,000.

Liberty Bankers Life also offers a Modified Whole Life (MWL) policy for applicants with health conditions that prevent them from qualifying for SIMPL product. The MWL is also a whole life insurance policy but contains a three-year waiting period before the full death benefit is paid out due to death from natural causes.

Interested applicants can complete an LBL application over the phone with Docktor’s Insurance or get a paper application through the mail.

For Liberty Bankers Life No Medical Exam Life Insurance quotes, please fill out our zip-code request form (on the right) or call Docktor’s Insurance for more details at (888) 773-1181.

#8: American-Amicable Life Insurance CompanyAmerican Amicable Life Insurance

In an attempt to provide solid life insurance solutions for a vast group of applicants, American-Amicable offers four types of insurance products for prospective customers to consider:

Ordinary Whole Life Insurance

 The ordinary whole life product is considered the perfect solution for prospective customers needing final expense insurance.

Since the policy is built on the whole life insurance foundation, it is a guaranteed insurance solution that provides coverage for a lifetime as long as the periodic premium is paid.

The policy can only be canceled for non-payment, the periodic premiums cannot be increased by the insurance company, and the policy builds cash value that can be accessed through policy loans or surrender.

  • Issue ages are 0 to 85 but can vary in some states.
  • The maximum death benefit is based on the health and age of the applicant.
  • An accelerated death benefit rider is available at no additional charge.
  • There is no requirement for a medical exam or blood work.

Simplified Issue Term

The simplified issue term product is a great choice for covering every life insurance need. The applicant can choose from several different term periods, and the available death benefit ranges from $25,000 to $250,000. Other highlights of Simplified Issue Term include:

  • Return of Premium option available.
  • Convertible to permanent insurance like whole life or universal life without proof of insurability.

Universal Life Insurance

 American-Amicable provides universal life insurance on a non-medical and fully underwritten basis. It is an affordable solution for getting flexible insurance coverage with limits sufficient to protect your family.

The non-medical selection allows the insured to purchase coverage for up to $250,000 without having to undergo a medical exam or blood and urine testing. When minimum premiums are paid, the policy is guaranteed not to lapse for 15 years.

The fully underwritten selection typically requires a medical exam along with a blood test but can provide a death benefit with no maximum amount. Like all universal life policies, this selection accumulates substantial cash value over time which can be accessed through policy loans or partial surrenders. There is a no-lapse guarantee as long as the minimum premium amount is paid.

Modified Life Insurance

The modified life insurance solution is available for applicants who because of health conditions, will not qualify for any other life insurance coverage. Options available include:

  • Premiums to age 100
  • Guaranteed cash value
  • Guaranteed death benefit
  • Accelerated death benefit rider
  • Policy loans
  • Other optional riders available

American-Amicable Life Insurance Company provides solid solutions for a variety of insurance needs and backs up their products with outstanding customer service to agents and policyholders.

CALL US AT (888) 773-1181 x1

#9: Phoenix Life Insurance Company

Phoenix Life Insurance Company has been in the business of offering insurance coverage to its clients since the mid-1850s. The organization was founded in 1851, as the Phoenix Companies, Inc. and was originally established to offer life insurance to consumers who abstained from drinking alcohol in any form.

At present, the principal products that are provided by Phoenix Life are life insurance products and annuities. Their products are offered through trained financial advisors and insurance professionals throughout the United States, as well as through the company’s distribution subsidiary, Saybrus Partners.

Safe Harbor Term and Safe Harbor Term Express


  • Lump sum death benefit paid to policy beneficiary(ies)
  • Term periods and issue ages (last birthday):

– 10 year:  Ages 18-80

–   15 year:   Ages 18-70

–   20 year: Ages 18-65

–   30 year: Ages 18-55 (non-tobacco) -Ages 18-50 (tobacco)


Phoenix Safe Harbor Term Life Express

  • Simplified issue underwriting: no paramedical exam or Attending Physician Statement (APS);
  • Non-Tobacco and Tobacco risk classes (standard through table 4)

Phoenix Safe Harbor Term Life (non-Express)

  • Non-medical underwriting: no paramedical exam; APS in certain cases
  • Standard Non-Tobacco and Tobacco risk classes

•  Substandard ratings are available

Whole Life Insurance

For consumers who prefer lifetime and guaranteed life insurance coverage, Phoenix Life offers it’s simplified-issue whole life policy that have living benefits and several rider options that allow for policy customization.

Life Insurance Coverage

  • Lump-sum Death Benefit
  • Coverage extends for the insured’s lifetime, beyond age 121

Riders Included

  • Accelerated Benefit Riders – option to accelerate a portion of the death benefit in the event of a serious illness:
  • Critical Illness  –  Terminal Illness
  • Accidental Death Benefit Rider

Simplified Underwriting

  • Non-Tobacco (Preferred) / Tobacco (Standard) risk classes

For more information about Phoenix Life Insurance Company or any other insurers we represent, call the insurance professionals at Docktor’s Insurance at (888) 773-1181

#10: Foresters Life Insuranceforesters life insurance

Foresters is different from any other organization you can purchase your life insurance from, at least in the United States. Founded way back in 1834, they have a historical starting point dating back perhaps further than any other life insurer.

The company was initially the Ancient Order of Foresters prior to it being named the Independent Order of Foresters in the United States in 1874, and now just goes by Foresters. As a fraternal benefit society, Foresters initially existed as a group of mutual participants who exclusively brought themselves together for security, aid, and development. The organization now does business in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Final Expense Products

PlanRight Whole Life Insurance

Most likely one of the most preferred life insurance products provided by Foresters Life Insurance is the company’s final expense insurance policy: PlanRight Whole Life Insurance. This insurance is a whole life policy that lasts a lifetime and has a fully guaranteed level premium. It has a cheaper premium than many other final expense policies. This product is one of the best final expense insurance policies on the market.

The insurance comes in three types: Fixed, graded, and modified.

  • Fixed Benefit: the death benefit is 100% of the face amount from the beginning.
  • Graded Benefit: there is a limited death benefit the first two policy years. You will receive the greater of the sum of the total premium paid accumulated with 4.5% interest or 30% of the face amount in effect for the first year and 70% in the second year. After the first two years, the death benefit is 100%.
  • Modified: the policy pays the beneficiary a limited death benefit the first two years based on a return of premium plus 10%. After the first two years, the death benefit is 100%. This type of modified death benefit is normally associated with burial insurance policies.

Your Term Non-Medical

 Introduced in April of 2017, Your Term is a non-medical level term policy with some attractive features that include:

  • A term selection of 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30-year policy terms
  • Issue ages of 18 to 80 years of age
  • Face amounts (death benefit) up to $400,000
  • Term conversion privilege
  • Accelerated death benefit rider included
  • Additional death benefit for death resulting from a common carrier accident

Foresters also offers a Charity Benefit Provision that allows for 1% of the face amount of the member’s policy to be paid to a designated charity at no additional cost.

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#11: AARP Final Expense Life InsuranceNew York Life

Undoubtedly, while being a supporter of seniors and retirees, AARP is going to make certain they provide no exam life insurance, and New York Life is the insurance product they advocate to their members.

While conventional fully underwritten insurance coverage will be the most budget friendly insurance for those members looking to cover their final expenses, debt, and loss of income, final expense policies continue to be very popular because of the effortlessness in buying. Not having to deal with insurance medical exams and blood testing is a priority for many seniors along with obtaining a policy that is issued quickly and inexpensively. AARP (New York Life) provides several insurance policy types to pick from.

AARP Level Benefit Term Insurance

The Level Benefit Term policy is considered temporary life insurance that provides coverage for individuals up to age 80. It is provided with a low-cost premium that goes up every five years until you become age 80. Individuals eligible for coverage are age 45 and older, and available death benefits are $10,000 to $100,000.

Since this insurance is marketed principally to seniors, there is no medical exam needed and only a handful of medical questions on the application. While being supported by one of the biggest insurers in the world is a very good thing, just a little bit of browsing shows the rates are a little pricey.

AARP Permanent Life Insurance

The permanent life insurance promoted by AARP is whole life insurance that remains in force for a lifetime, offers a guaranteed premium, and accumulates cash value that the policyholder can have access to through policy loans that are not required to be repaid. Any outstanding loan balance will be subtracted from the death benefit that will be paid to your designated beneficiary.

Face amounts for the Permanent Life Insurance are from $5,000 to $50,000. Just like with their term policy mentioned above, there is absolutely no medical exam required, and the insurance application contains only a handful of health questions.

Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance

This is AARP’s (New York Life) style of final expense insurance. It is available in benefits levels of $2,500 up to $15,000. Because this is guaranteed issue life insurance, there is a two-year waiting period before the insurance company will pay out the whole death benefit for death from natural causes. In many cases, if the policyholder dies from natural causes during the waiting period, the insurer will pay a death benefit equivalent to the sum of premiums paid into the policy. If the death is the result of an accident, however, the insurer will pay the full death benefit from the first day of coverage.

CALL US AT (888) 773-1181 x1 for more information

#12: Colonial Penn Guaranteed Acceptance Whole Life Insuranceguaranteed acceptance whole life

Colonial Penn Insurance Company is located in the state of Pennsylvania and has been providing quality life insurance products to the American people for over 50 years. The quality of the products they offer has afforded them with an A- rating by the insurance rating company known as  A.M. Best rating services.

About Guaranteed Acceptance Whole Life Insurance

  • Insuring Ages – Insurance policies are available for all ages. Ages 50 to 85 are the primary market. Renewable term insurance can be purchased for any person above age 18.
  • Guaranteed Benefit – Upon policy issue, your life insurance policy is guaranteed for life so long as your premium is paid.
  • Guaranteed Premium – After issuing your policy, your premium will never increase for any reason, including your health or age.
  • Non-Cancelable – Once issued, as long as your premium is paid on time, your policy can never be canceled unless you decide to do so.
  • Payment Options – Colonial Penn accepts payment on an annual, semi-annual, quarterly, and monthly basis.
  • Available Coverage – Colonial Penn insures each policy by units that are used to determine the face amount of the policy. The units allocated represent a dollar amount based on your age, and your age dictates the amount of coverage you may have.

For more information about final expense insurance and whether guaranteed issue life is a suitable solution for you, CALL US AT (888) 773-1181 x1 for more information.

#13: AIG Guaranteed Issue Whole Life  AIG guaranteed issue whole life insurance

AIG stands out among the top high-risk insurers and is considered an excellent resource for applicants who may be dealing with medical issues that will normally result in unfavorable insurance rates. They are considered most competitive for applicants dealing with diabetes, heart disease, and sleep apnea. The company also takes a very liberal stance when rating for medical and recreational marijuana use.

AIG’s Guaranteed Issue Whole Life product has become a very popular final expense product for independent agents across the country. Guaranteed Issue Whole Life (GIWL) is designed to offer senior clients the comfort and peace of mind of covering the costs of final expenses for just two or three dollars a day.  With available face amounts of up to $25,000 and issue ages up to 85 years-old, this product fits especially well in the final expense marketplace.

Guaranteed Issue Whole Life Product Highlights

Guaranteed Issue

  •  Face amounts from $5,000 to $25,000
  • Issue ages from 50 to 85 years-old (age last birthday)
  • No medical exams, lab tests or health questions on the application
  • Applicants will not be declined for health reasons

Fast Application Processing

  •  Most applications are processed in 15 minutes or less
  • The company will accept payments via ACH, SS Debit Card, or Credit Card
  • Applicant can set delayed billing to preferable date

Chronic Illness Benefit Included

  •  Upon diagnosis of a qualified illness, the company will return premiums of up to 50% of the face amount to the insured
  • No waiting period for the benefit
  • No additional premium charged

Terminal Illness Benefit

  • The company will pay 50% of the death benefit for terminal illnesses expected to result in death of the insured within 24 months
  • No additional premium charged

Graded Death Benefit

  •  Death from natural causes during year 1 and 2 – 110% of all premiums paid
  • Death from natural causes in year 3 or later – Full face amount of the policy
  • Death resulting from accidental causes – Full face amount from the first day
  • Death resulting from suicide – All premiums returned to the beneficiary

Compare Final Expenses Life Insurance for your requirements

Compare one or more of these final expense life insurance companies with your insurance agent.  Just fill out the zip code box (on the right) to identify your state, and then complete your contact details in the quote request form.

This list of the Top 5 Final Expense Life Insurance companies is not a ranking gathered from any professional association – each of these five life insurance companies are well-known and have solid business histories, each with their own strengths.  Docktor’s Insurance is happy to recommend them to you as life insurance companies that will provide the lowest rates, especially for Final Expense Life Insurance coverage, designed to meet your current requirements.

Other life insurance companies that we represent offer a variety of No-Medical-Exam Term and Whole / Universal Life Insurance coverage include:

  • ANICO – American National Insurance Company
  • Phoenix Life Insurance Company
  • Sagicor Life Insurance Company
  • SBLI – The Savings Bank Life Insurance Company of Massachusetts

In some instances, we might recommend one of these popular American companies because we know how each company may look at your risks differently.  Each of them has their underwriting strengths and weaknesses.

All choices provided by Docktor’s Insurance will depend on your situation, your budget and starting with the state where you live.

To have a Docktor’s Insurance agent compare final expenses insurance for your requirements, please take two minutes NOW to fill out our zip-code form on the right (so we select the correct state-approved life insurance companies) and then complete the quote request form, or you can call us for free quotes over the phone:

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