Marijuana Use and Life Insurance


marijuana use and life insurance

Tips to Getting “Non-Smoker” Rates; Marijuana Use and Life Insurance

Are you worried because you are a recreational marijuana user who needs life insurance?

You can get affordable rates from marijuana-friendly life insurance companies here.  You’ve come to the right place.

Docktor’s Insurance understand your needs and desires. We can get you approved – Marijuana use and life insurance.

Fill in your home zip code in the box on your right to tell us where you live. We will gather information about your state’s best life insurance marijuana use plans.  A pop-up instant quote form asks for personal details so we can contact you with answers. Alternatively, you can call us at (888) 773-1181 x1

The most frequent question we hear is:  Does life insurance test for drugs?  Docktor’s Insurance has both no medical and required examination policies; see our Top four best companies listed below.

Everything we discuss with you at Docktor’s Insurance will be confidential, observing all HIPPA rules.  So please talk freely and honestly about your recreational pot usage.  We will call to gather your necessary information about marijuana and life insurance exams.

What we at Docktor’s Insurance will ask you:  7 Easy Questions

  1. Do you currently smoke tobacco products?

  2. How long have you smoked cannabis?  Do you smoke hash?

  3. How frequently do you use pot?  Weekends only?  Three times a week?  Daily?

  4. Do you enjoy your marijuana in tincture form or as an ingredient used in edibles?

  5. When was the last time you saw your personal physician for an update on your health and a conversation about your marijuana and life insurance needs?

  6. Do you use marijuana to relieve discomfort, stress, anxiety or pain from a chronic condition?

  7. Is there a recorded medical history of a common prescription used for reducing pain and other symptoms noted by your physician?  How long?  When did the symptoms start?

We know that marijuana use does not count as “smoking” among those life insurance companies with the right underwriting guidelines — but you cannot also use nicotine products, primarily cigarettes.

How to Get Approved for “Non-Smoker” Life Insurance

The key to getting a low-cost life insurance marijuana use policy is honestly talking with us, in confidence, about your weekly usage pattern.

The rules for whether marijuana users qualify as a “smoker” or “non-smoker” does vary among life insurance companies.  That is where our we really “shine.”  We update our files continuously as new underwriting rules arrive.  Remember, Docktor’s Insurance is an independent agency; we recommend only the very best choices to meet your needs and desires.

Here’s what we will discuss confidentially with you:

does life insurance test for drugs

As a recreational marijuana user, you may not always qualify for the lowest life insurance rates as a preferred “non-smoker”.  Your frequency of use does matter.

Docktor’s Insurance is very aware of those insurers who will only offer you their top rates after identifying you as a “smoker,” if you use marijuana more than once a week, or more than five times a month.  We will not recommend those policies to you.

Here are the usual recreational marijuana usage patterns that Docktor’s Insurance will ask you:

  • Weekend User – no more than twice a week

  • No more than three times a week

  • No more than four times a week

  • Five or more times a week or daily usage can be troublesome when applying for even the standard “non-smoker” rates

If you have a regular physician, who understands your need for marijuana to ease stress or anxiety, chronic pain or nausea — all those medical records are fully warranted medicinal applications.

  • The documentation must state your precise medical condition for a prescribed treatment with marijuana.  It must be clearly written on the official letterhead stationery and signed by your doctor.

We know that acceptance of your marijuana use and life insurance application is then promptly reviewed without question.  Affordable rates will still depend on your overall health.

Take a minute now to type your zip code in the box.  Tell us how to reach you in the instant quote request form that pops up.

Call us at (888) 773-1181 x1

“Non Smoker” Marijuana-Friendly Life Insurance

Docktor’s Insurance will send you an email and telephone you to discuss the life insurance protection you are seeking.  We know how you feel, needing to provide financial comfort for loved ones or to cover outstanding debts with final expense coverage.

Be aware that everything we discuss related to your marijuana usage over the phone is confidential.  We need you to be completely open and honest in talking with us to document your usage pattern accurately.

Top 4 Best Life Insurance Companies with “Non-Smoker” Rates

If you are the occasional, recreational non-medical marijuana user, you have many companies to compare for your marijuana -friendly life insurance plan options.

Here are the Top 4 Best from among the marijuana use and life insurance companies whom we represent:

marijuana use and life insurance companies

#1 — 5 Star Life Insurance:

Not only does 5 Star provide standard “non-smoker” rates, but there is no limitation on the pattern of recreational marijuana usage per week.

No medical exam is required.

  • Rate is guaranteed to age 100

  • Coverage amount of $10,000 to $150,000

  • Issue age is 18-64

#2 — Lincoln National:recreational marijuana

Standard “non-smoker” with usage limited to two-times (2X) a week; otherwise, if 3 – 4 times weekly Lincoln uses table “B” rates.

Lincoln will not consider your application if your recreational marijuana usage is 5 or more times per week.

Yes, a medical exam is required.

Lincoln offers fully underwritten life insurance policies including:

  • Term Life, 10, 15, 20, 30 years,

  • Minimum coverage amount is $250,000.

  • Policies issued for ages 18-80.

  • Universal Life

  • Variable Universal Life


#3 — United of Omaha

(a subsidiary of Mutual of Omaha Life Insurance)

Standard “non-smoker” rates are available if your recreational marijuana usage is only twice a week (2X).

Yes, a medical exam is required.

  • There are a variety of other policy options with United of Omaha when their underwriters can entirely approve your application for a life insurance medical exam marijuana use policy, including:

  • Term Life: 10, 15, 20, 30 years

  • Minimum amount is $100,000

  • Policies issued for all ages

  • Universal Life

  • Variable Universal Life

United of Omaha also offers a final expense whole life insurance policy where no medical examination is required. There is a slightly higher standard “smoker” rate for recreational weekend marijuana users (limited to no more than twice a week).

  • Coverage from $2,000 to $40,000 available

  • Policies issued for ages 45-85

Prudential Life Insurance marijuana use

#4 —  Prudential Life Insurance Company:

Prudential standard “non-smoker” table “B” for conditions related to your defined marijuana usage pattern.

Yes, a medical exam is required.

  • Prudential also offers a full range of life insurance policies when approved by the underwriting department.

  • Term Life: 10, 15, 20, 30 years

  • Minimum amount is $100,000

  • Policies issued for all ages

  • Universal Life

  • Variable Universal Life

Under The Docktor’s Insurance Care –You Will Be Protected

Here’s your last chance to type your zip code indicating your state of residency; we can find a plan and alert you whether the company does life insurance test for drugs or not – listing every single one available to meet your personal needs.

The instant quote form helps us prepare this solid group of life insurance options for your review.

We can bring you peace of mind about taking care of the family and friends whom you wish to protect from financial pressures in the future. Docktor’s Insurance knows how to explain the “do’s & don’ts” and the benefits offered by each of our marijuana use and life insurance providers.

Don’t let another sleepless night keep you from coverage.

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