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AIG Insurance

AIG (American International Group), one of the world’s largest insurers, is currently serving more than 90 million policyholders in over 100 countries. Recently noted for receiving a government bailout during the crash in 2008, AIG management restructured the company and managed to pay off the bailout amount plus interest which allowed the U.S. government to sell off the last shares in the company in 2012. In this article, we will discuss AIG Insurance – Guaranteed Issue Whole Life.


AIG Insurance enjoys an “A Excellent” rating from A.M. Best Rating Services. Financial strength is extremely important since it indicates if an insurer will be able to pay its claims and meet its ongoing operating obligations.

AIG Overview

AIG Insurance currently markets its life insurance products under the American General Life Insurance Company brand name. The company is very popular with agents because of their liberal underwriting guidelines and a complete selection of life insurance products.

The company’s use of lab scoring along with standard underwriting practices allows them to in many cases offer a preferred underwriting classification while other top-rated companies are unable to do so. This unique underwriting process allows applicants with favorable lab scoring results, in addition to their established preferred criteria, to receive AIG’s most favorable insurance rates.

High-Risk Cases

AIG Insurance stands out among the top high- risk insurers and is considered an excellent resource for applicants who may be dealing with medical issues that will normally result in unfavorable insurance rates. They are considered most competitive for applicants dealing with diabetes, heart disease, and sleep apnea. The company also takes a very liberal stance when rating for medical and recreational marijuana use.

Final Expense Insurance

AIG’s Guaranteed Issue Whole Life product has become a very popular final expense product for independent agents across the country. Guaranteed Issue Whole Life (GIWL) is designed to offer senior clients the comfort and peace of mind of covering the costs of final expenses for just two or three dollars a day.  With available face amounts of up to $25,000 and issue ages up to 85 years-old, this product fits especially well in the final expense marketplace.

Guaranteed Issue Whole Life from AIG Insurance

Guaranteed Issue

  • Face amounts from $5,000 to $25,000
  • Issue ages from 50 to 85 years-old (age last birthday)
  • No medical exams, lab tests or health questions on the application
  • Applicants will not be declined for health reasons

Fixed Premiums

  •  All premium payments remain level for the life of the policy

Fast Application Processing

  •  Most applications are processed in 15 minutes or less
  • The company will accept payments via ACH, SS Debit Card, or Credit Card
  • Applicant can set delayed billing to preferable date

Chronic Illness Benefit Included

  •  Upon diagnosis of a qualified illness, the company will return premiums of up to 50% of the face amount to the insured
  • No waiting period for the benefit
  • No additional premium charged

Terminal Illness Benefit

  •  The company will pay 50% of the death benefit for terminal illnesses expected to result in death of the insured within 24 months
  • No additional premium charged

Graded Death Benefit

  • Death from natural causes during year 1 and 2 – 110% of all premiums paid
  • Death from natural causes in year 3 or later – Full face amount of the policy
  • Death resulting from accidental causes – Full face amount from the first day
  • Death resulting from suicide – All premiums returned to the beneficiary

Policy Specifications

  • Social Security number required for all applicants
  • Free look period of 30 days for 100% refund
  • Insured must also be the policy owner
  • Payor can be different from the named insured
  • Insured can purchase only one policy in any 12 month period
  • Insured can purchase no more than $25,000 in death benefit
  • No replacement or term conversion allowed into the policy

Sample Rates for AIG Guaranteed Issue Whole Life Insurance

Here are some sample rates for a male non-smoker:


50 YEARS-OLD $10,000 $51.92
60 YEARS-OLD $10,000 $63.17
70 YEARS-OLD $10,000 $93.14
80 YEARS-OLD $10,000 $175.15


AIG’s Guaranteed Issue Whole Life is one of our agency’s go-to insurance products for Final Expense policies for prospective clients that may have health issues that prevent from going through the traditional underwriting process. The company is one of our favorite choices when we have a prospective client with severe medical issues and who want their insurance policy issued without worrying about a medical exam or blood test, and they want the policy issued quickly.

For more information about final expense life insurance or a free and confidential quote, call the insurance professionals at Docktor’s Insurance at (888) 773-1181 during normal business hours, or you can contact us through our website at your convenience.


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