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American Continental Insurance Company is a component of Continental Life Insurance Company. While Continental Life Insurance was established over 30 years ago, American Continental is a much younger life insurance company. Being established in 2005, American Continental Insurance employs the same guiding standards of Continental Life Insurance: a responsibility for an excellent product as well as maintaining the best interest of their insurance clients at the center of what they do.

American Continental Insurance Company might be difficult to find in a quick internet search; similar to Continental Life; they are part of Aetna Health and Life Insurance Company, which is the parent company for several life and health insurance companies.

American Continental’s parent company, Aetna, is one of the country’s most popular diversified health care benefits companies, servicing approximately 36.5 million individuals with critical information and resources to assist them in making better-informed choices about their health care and life insurance planning. Aetna provides a comprehensive range of traditional, voluntary and consumer-directed health insurance services and products, including medical, pharmacy, dental, behavior health, group life and disability, and care management services for Medicaid.

American Continental Insurance Company enjoys an A Excellent” rating from A.M. Best Rating Services which was assigned in June of 2016. The company’s outlook is considered “Stable” which indicates the company will have no issues meeting future financial and operational obligations.

Products Available from American Continental Insurance Company

The company currently offers three types of whole life insurance for prospective clients. They offer a Level Benefit Plan for applicants that have minor health conditions, a Graded Benefit Plan for applicants with more severe health conditions and a Modified Benefit Plan for those applicants who do not medically qualify for the Level and Graded plans.

Level Benefit Plan


  • Eligible issue ages are 45 – 89 based on last birthday
  • Minimum death benefit: $3,000
  • Maximum death benefit: $35,000
  • Death benefit is available from the first day covered

Graded Benefit Plan


  • Eligible issue ages are 45 – 80 based on age last birthday
  • Minimum death benefit: $3,000
  • Maximum death benefit: $35,000
  • Death Benefit is effective first day if death results from an accident
  • Non-accidental death

1st Policy year: 40% of the death benefit

2nd Policy year: 75% of the death benefit

3rd Policy year and later: 100% of the death benefit

Modified Benefit Plan

  • Eligible issue ages are 45 – 75 based on age last birthday
  • Minimum death benefit: $3,000
  • Maximum death benefit: $35,000
  • Death Benefit is effective first day if death results from an accident
  • Non-accidental death

1st and 2nd Policy year: 110% of premiums paid

3rd Policy year and later: 100% of the death benefit

The maximum benefit for each plan will vary according to the age of the applicant.

Whole Life Means Cash Value Flexibility

Accumulated cash value can be applied to non-forfeiture options. The non-forfeiture options will decrease the risk of the policy lapsing by mistake which can leave the policyholder with no coverage.

Cash Value can be designated to purchase a reduced paid-up insurance policy, purchase extended term insurance, or funding automatic premium loans. The available non-forfeiture option may be selected at the time of application or at any time the policy is in force and must be requested in writing.

The cash value that is accumulating in your policy can also be used for policy loans for any reason. Annual interest and fees will apply.

Solid Insurance Coverage when You need it Most

The death of a breadwinner can put a significant financial strain on surviving family members. By establishing a no medical exam final expense plan, the policyholder can provide a level of financial protection so that surviving loved ones can deal with final expenses like funeral and burial costs and unpaid expenses from being in a nursing home.

Final Expense whole life insurance can help add the certainty  you’ll need when you pre-plan for your final wishes and expense:

  • You’ll have peace of mind knowing your loved ones can be better prepared.
  • You can qualify for one of the three plans that are available.
  • There is no medical exam requirement, and your policy type will be offered based on the health questions in the insurance application.

American Continental Life Insurance Guarantee

Since all three of the benefit plans offered by American Continental are supported by whole life insurance, your policy will contain multiple guarantees:

  1. Insurance protection up to $35,000 depending on your age when issued.
  2. Renewable coverage for your lifetime regardless of changes in your health or age.
  3. Periodic premiums that will never go up.
  4. Coverage and benefits that can never go down.
  5. The company cannot cancel your policy as long as the premiums are paid.
  6. All applicants have a 30-day free look period during which you may cancel for a full refund.


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