Choosing the Best Life Insurance for Your Needs


Buying life insurance may be at the bottom of your to-do list, but it’s time to move it up a few notches. Even if you recognize the need for life insurance, you may dread the idea of filling out forms, sitting down for a health exam and waiting for answers. Fortunately, there are easier ways to find the best life insurance for your needs.

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Stability Matters

The last thing you want is to spend years paying in on a life insurance policy only to have the company go bankrupt.

Choose stable companies with high ratings from credit agencies and solid reputations. If you don’t have time to research the companies yourself, then visit a solid comparison site or speak to a licensed agent that can recommend “A” rated companies, and the best life insurance rates for your needs.

Shop Around

You can submit your information on our website and get connected with a licensed agent that represents multiple insurance companies. Let the licensed agent do the legwork for you and compare quotes from over 50 companies. Based on your information, they will let you know which companies and products are the best choice.

Take Care of Yourself

Finding the best life insurance means getting reasonable rates. You can find more attractive premiums by taking care of yourself: Stop smoking; start working out and be health conscience.

When you go for a health exam, your lower rates will reflect your improved health condition. Avoid dangerous hobbies that will also increase rates like sky diving or rock climbing.

The Little Extras

Learn about the extras you can purchase with life insurance and decide if any of them are right for you. An accelerated death benefit allows you to receive a payout before your death, and you can invest in return-of-premium plans what will refund all of your premiums if you never file a claim. Ask your agent what riders are available on the policy you select.

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Consider the Options

There is no one-size-fits-all policy, and that’s why the best life insurance companies have different options. You may want whole life for the investment, universal life for the flexibility or term life for the low prices. Learn about the different options and choose the policy that meets your needs today and in the future.

Look for Customer Service

You are bound to have questions along the way. Work with an agent who will answer your questions, help you choose the right policy and even assist you in determine your coverage and term levels. These are very personal questions, but an experienced professional who is dedicated to customer service will help you find the answers.

When you are ready to invest in the best life insurance policy, start by doing your homework. Whether you research potential companies yourself or trust a licensed agent to do it for you, it’s important to know that companies are solvent and stable.

Choose the right coverage for your needs, and take care of your health to enjoy lower premiums.

Finding the Best Life Insurance Policy for Your Needs and Budget

best life insurance policyLife insurance is an important investment. Protecting your family from financial hardships and providing you with peace of mind, you want to choose the best life insurance policy for your particular needs. When you start comparing policies and premiums, keep this important information in mind.

Term Policies and Permanent Insurance 

Purchased for a set period, the term life policies will eventually expire. However, they are typically more affordable and you can find a plan that will fit nicely in your budget. Permanent, or whole life insurance policies will never expire. They include life insurance, but they also build cash value and can become an important part of your investment portfolio. How do I find the best life insurance policy?

Understanding Whole Life Policies

Some insurance agents focus on Whole Life Insurance because these policies are more profitable for the insurance companies. They are more expensive, and people who only look at quotes on Whole Life Insurance plans often feel that they cannot afford permanent insurance.

Whole life policies do have minimum guarantees and are also built on attractive positive assumptions that show them earning a high rate of return.

When people think whole life, they usually want a policy that will last the rest of there life. There are several options when considering a whole life or permanent life insurance policy.

Guaranteed Universal Life for example, is a policy that will last the rest of your life, at half the cost of a whole life policy. If you are considering a permanent life insurance policy, you should get quotes on both Guaranteed Universal Life and Whole Life insurance policies.

Compare the total cost throughout your lifetime by requesting a policy illustration. Speak with your insurance agent and discuss your budget and true need for your permanent policy.

Other Investment Options

While the insurance companies will push whole life insurance policies by claiming that they are a good investment, most financial advisers agree that there are better investment options available. In addition to providing you with more attractive rates on returns, these other investment vehicles have lower commission fees.

Save Money on Term Life – Best Life Insurance

  • The best life insurance policy for most people is term life. You can save on these plans by following these tips to find the best rates available
  • Match the term to your need – Buy a policy that will cover you until the kids are of age and move out or your retirement income will become active
  • Buy a policy when you’re young and healthy – Buy a plan when you are young and healthy to enjoy the most attractive rates available.
  • Be honest on your applications – Many term plans will either ask for a physical or check your medical records. You will not be able to hide the fact that you are a smoker or have a diagnosed medical condition. When the underwriters discover this information, they will change your approved premiums or refuse to issue the policy.
  • Shop around –The best way to save on your best life insurance policy plan is to shop around for the lowest rates.

Finding the best life insurance policy is extremely easy with the power of the Internet and comparison sites. With the right insurance plan, you can protect your family, enjoy the peace of mind and enjoy a low rate that fits nicely in your household budget.

Choosing the best life insurance policy may take a little time, but the peace of mind it gives you will be worth it. To compare life insurance quotes, fill out our quote request form on the right or call us at 1-888-773-1181

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