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Fort Lauderdale Health Insurance

Whether you are self-employed or trying to get more affordable coverage, you can purchase Fort Lauderdale health insurance from the providers themselves. Plans are comparable to what is available with many businesses currently, and the monthly premiums are lower than you might think. One attractive option to consider is the Broward County health insurance Cigna Open Access 2000 plan.

Save on Fort Lauderdale Health Insurance with Cigna

The monthly premium for a family of three with a forty-year old mother, a forty-year old father and a healthy 5-year old son is a low $629 per month. This Fort Lauderdale health insurance plan allows you to visit the family doctor and even specialists when necessary. Visits to the family doctor are only $25, and you can see a specialist for $50 with this PPO. This policy also includes co-payments for an urgent care center of $50, and an emergency room of $500. Instead of having to pay the deductible for an emergency, the valuable benefit will save you money.

Understand the Deductibles and Limits with Broward County Health Insurance

The Cigna Open Access 2000 Florida health insurance plan has an individual deductible of $2,000 and low family deductible of $4,000. Once the deductible is met, many medical procedures like in-patient and outpatient surgeries will be covered with a 20 percent coinsurance requirement. After you meet the deductible, an individual will pay another $3,000 or $6,000 for the family. Once your deductible and out of pocket maximum has been satisfied, Cigna will pay 100%. If you choose this Fort Lauderdale health insurance plan, there is no maximum amount on your insurance coverage.

In-Town Doctors and Out-of-Network Assistance

You will receive the greatest benefits by choosing your in-network doctors, but you can also go to out-of-network doctors and facilities if you are traveling. This provides you with peace of mind if you travel regularly or may require a specialist who is not available in-network. The fees will be slightly higher, but it’s always good to have options with Florida health insurance.

Medication Benefits for Fort Lauderdale Health Insurance

The Cigna Open Access 2000 plan comes with attractive coverage levels for medications. You will save the most by choosing generic medications whenever possible and paying only a $10 copay. Name brand medications come with a $35 copay, but you will have to cover a $250 deductible first. Finally, non-formulary medications are covered with a $60 copay.

When you are shopping for Broward County health insurance, consider the benefits of the Cigna Open Access 2000 plan. The low deductible and copays for doctor’s visits, urgent care centers, and emergency rooms make this plan an attractive Florida health insurance option for single people and families alike.

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