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Family Health Insurance family health insurance

The annual Cost and Benefits of Individual and Family Health Insurance report for the year ending 2012 has been released, and it has some fascinating information. While cost increases in premiums are leveling, the average amount paid for family plans are actually decreasing. Uncover the important information in this report so you can know what to expect from family health insurance and individual health insurance in the coming year.

Variances between Family Health Insurance Plans and Individual Plans 

In 2012, the cost of family health insurance plans dropped 0.5-percent to $412 per month. Individual plans, however, saw a 3.8-percent increase to $190 per month. This disparity between family health insurance and individual health insurance is interesting because it marks the first time in seven years that there has been a decrease in any health care coverage. This is particularly exciting news for people who are investing in family insurance policies.

Other Interesting Facts 

According to this report, the cost of deductibles for family health insurance and individual health insurance has risen since 2011. There was a 4.9-percent increase for individual policies and a 5.1-percent increase for family plans. More than 17.8-percent of the insurance plans were HSA eligible, and almost all plans selected included lab and emergency room coverage.

People investing in family health insurance and individual health insurance also overwhelmingly chose plans that included extra features. The features most important to members were OB/GYN benefits, selected by 90.5-percent of customers, prescription drug benefits were selected by 88.1-percent, periodic exams selected by 88-percent of customers and 87.1-percent want plans with well-baby coverage.

The slight drop in the cost of family health care plans and the low rise for individual plans is encouraging news for people who are investing in private health care insurance. You no longer have to go through an employer. With private coverage, you can take it with you if you change jobs, and it’s also the best choice for small business owners and independent contractors.

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