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Royal Neighbors of America

Royal Neighbors of America Life Insurance Company uses a very distinctive view on offering life insurance solutions to its clients. The company is one of the handfuls of insurers out there that concentrate on sustaining the needs of their client, with regards to family and community, not only the choices that life insurance solutions offer.

Since before 120 years ago, women or children could never buy life insurance coverage, Royal Neighbors was one of the first insurance companies to correct that. In fact, their goal is centered on the preferences of women and their families, and the organization is operated principally by women.

Royal Neighbors of America is a fraternal association which signifies they are in business to accommodate the needs of their customers and not Wall Street. This not-for-profit company does not offer products and solutions to produce income to stockholders. Instead, they offer products to customers in order to furnish financial security and take part in the enhancement of the members’ communities.

Financial Overview of Royal Neighbors

Royal Neighbors of America benefits from operating on a solid platform with a surplus of $203 million. They further enjoy a premium to surplus rate of 21% that is more than twice the standard surplus of for-profit publicly owned life insurance companies.

Their latest solvency ratio is 1.26 that is also more than the industry standard and signifies that the organization can completely meet its debts and other obligations. The company is currently rated “A-“ Excellent by A.M. Best rating service for financial strength and capability to meet obligations to their certificate holders. You can review the company’s full annual report here.

Products Available from Royal Neighbors

  • Whole Life – Whole Life Insurance is for individuals who would like their insurance coverage to last a lifetime. The death benefit is fully guaranteed as long as the periodic payments are made by the policy holder. The month-to-month premium will never go up as you get older or develop health problems.

The insurance policy accumulates cash value that earns a fully guaranteed interest rate and can be withdrawn through policy loans from the insurance company. The Royal Neighbors Whole Life policy is offered with seven separate riders that can be utilized to expand the policy’s insurance coverage.

  • Youth Whole Life – The youth whole life solution was developed for parents and grandparents to be able to cover their children in the regrettable event they die unexpectedly. But this insurance product provides a benefit for the children as well. This is known as no exam life insurance since the company almost never requires a medical exam.


Since the insurance policy accumulates cash value and earns a guaranteed interest rate over time, the child will have a significant savings account that can be utilized for such things like college expenses, a car, or that treasured first home. By furnishing life insurance when a child is young, they can take over ownership at the least expensive rate when they come to be adults.


  • Universal Life – Universal Life Insurance, which is considered to be permanent life insurance, is comparable to term insurance but has a cash account linked to it that earns fully guaranteed interest from the insurance company. What tends to make this policy so popular is its flexibility.

We understand that life events can influence our insurance needs, so flexibility is particularly important. With universal life, the periodic payment and death benefit in the policy can be modified according to your needs. And, if the insurance company’s investment portfolio does better than expected, the insurance company will pay even more than the guaranteed interest for that period of exceptional performance.


  • Single Premium Whole Life – This insurance product was developed for individuals who want to make a lump-sum one-time investment to pay off their whole life policy. Since you are purchasing the life insurance policy at a lower price, the amount of your death benefit will be considerably more than the premium you have paid in.
  • Term Life Insurance – Term insurance coverage is the most inexpensive way to deal with debts, loss of income, college tuition, and monthly living expenses for all of your surviving loved ones. Even though term insurance is temporary (10, 15, 20, or 30 years) it can typically be converted throughout the policy period to a permanent policy like whole life insurance or universal life.

Term’s affordable price makes it the most appropriate way to insure the debt you will likely leave to your family and will enable them to maintain the household long after you are gone. Royal Neighbors’ term insurance policy is a no exam policy and in the majority of cases can be issued more quickly than whole life or universal life. The policy is available with six different riders to choose from, enabling you to design a life insurance solution that will satisfy your family’s needs.

The policy is especially popular with seniors because it can be bought up to age 85 in amounts of $5,000 to $25,000. It is a no exam life insurance product, so the policy is commonly issued within a few days.

Since it’s a whole life policy, it is fully guaranteed for the life of the insured person and cannot be canceled by the insurer as long as the periodic payment is paid. It accumulates cash value over time that earns guaranteed interest, and the cash can be conveniently accessed by using policy loans or a partial surrender.

Our Review


  • The organization is headed by women with a vision to offer assorted financial products to its members and provide support to the members’ communities.
  • The organization functions on a really strong financial footing and delivers outstanding products and services. They continue to experience an “A-“Excellent rating and feature a solvency ratio that is a great deal higher than the industry standard.
  • The company provides added services for its members. When you invest in a policy, you will also be provided additional benefits such as health and wellness discounts, a scholarship plan, catastrophe aid, and professional and legal services.
  • The company has generously set up the Royal Neighbors Foundation whose mission is to empower women by offering free financial instruction that teaches best practices for helping you manage finances, decreasing debt, and planning for retirement.


  • Although the company focuses on insurance for women and their families, they may not be the best insurance value for men.
  • The company takes a very conservative position in regards to underwriting and product selection.


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