Types of No Medical Exam Life Insurance


Many people believe that they have to undergo a health exam in order to get life insurance, but this is inaccurate. Whether you just don’t have time to sit for an exam or you feel that it’s too intrusive, there are companies offering no medical exam life insurance.

no medical exam life insuranceHere’s what you should know about the valuable product and how you can benefit from it.

What is life insurance with no medical exam?

This is the type of life insurance that provides beneficiaries with a monetary benefit upon the death of the insured individual. It is available for people who are healthy and even those with some pre-existing medical conditions.

Benefits of no medical exam life insurance

These policies come with a faster approval period, and most people can get the coverage they need in as little as 24 hours.

Policies are available for people of all ages, and you can avoid the inconvenience of a health exam.

Price comparison of policies

Traditional life insurance policies that require a health exam take up to eight weeks to go into effect. While life insurance with no medical exam offers you faster coverage, it also comes with a higher premium. In general, this is one of the more expensive options for life insurance coverage.

Policy Types

  1. Term insurance is available for set periods of time, either 10, 15, 20 or 30 years. Benefit amounts go up to 1 million dollars, and the maximum issue age is 65.
  2. Final expense insurance is a policy that will last the rest of your lifetime. Funeral and other expenses can be covered up to a maximum benefit of $100,000. The maximum issue age is 85.

The Fine Print

There are a few different types final expense policies available.

  • You may be familiar with simplified issue coverage where protection begins immediately. This is a policy type for individuals with minor medical conditions. These policies are usually for a maximum benefit of $100,000 and individuals can purchase a policy up to age 85. After age 65, the maximum benefit amount available decreases to $40,000
  • Graded or modified plans have a maximum benefit level of $50,000 and age limit of 85. These policies are meant for individuals with more severe medical conditions. There is a two-year waiting period before benefits will be paid. Guarantee issue also has a two-year waiting period, but the maximum benefit level lowers to $25,000.
  • No medical exam life insurance does carry a higher premium, but it also offers certain benefits. You won’t have to schedule a health exam and wait for the results. Coverage is available in a shorter time period, and you may find it to be far more convenient. This makes life insurance with no medical exam a popular choice for many people.

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