The Convenience of No Exam Life Insurance


no exam life insurance policy

No Exam Life Insurance Policies

Americans are busier than ever before, and you may be struggling with the items you already have on your schedule. You have deadlines to meet, extra-curricular activities and important meetings to attend. You really don’t have time to meet with a medical professional to go through a medical exam for life insurance. Fortunately, you can choose a no exam life insurance policy to get the coverage you need without sitting through a medical exam.

No Exam Life Insurance – No Waiting Period

If you want life insurance coverage without a long wait, then no-exam policies are the best choice. There is no long waiting period, so you won’t have to wait a month or longer to get the coverage you need. The application process is fast, so you can enjoy coverage in as little as 24 hours.

Change in Premiums

The life insurance company will review the questionnaire and confirm the information provided by looking at your medical records. If they discover that you misrepresented information about your medical history, they will have the option of declining the policy or raising your premiums. Avoid this problem by answering all medical and lifestyle questions honestly on the questionnaire.

It’s also important to note that the premiums for no exam life insurance are generally higher than the premiums for traditional policies. This is because the insurer carries a slightly higher risk when they fore-go the medical exam.

When you are ready to purchase life insurance and don’t have time for a health exam, consider investing in a no exam life insurance Offered by major insurance carriers, plans are affordable and will allow you to avoid a long waiting period for exam life insurance

Talk to your insurance agent to see how much coverage you can qualify for with these affordable and convenient plans.

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