Save Time! No Medical Exam Life Insurance Policy


No Medical Exam Life Insurance Policy

If you are ready to buy a life insurance policy, you will have questions about how the process works. Here is what you can expect when it is time to make this important investment in your future. Understanding how the process works can help you choose the right policy for your needs.

Where to?

Should you apply for no medical exam life insurance or exam required life insurance?

The biggest determining factor is how much coverage do you need and what type of policy do you want? If you need life insurance in excess of $350,000 and want a permanent policy, you will need to complete an exam.

If you want $350,000 / 30 year term or less, or are comfortable with a permanent policy of $100,000 or less, you can opt for the no medical exam life insurance policy.

What happens for life insurance that requires an exam

A medical professional will come out to your home or office to conduct the exam. You may be asked to fast before the exam for accurate blood test results. The professional will generally confirm your height, weight and blood pressure. The nurse may also take blood for analysis and a urine sample. The insurance provider may also as for an EKG, stress test and chest X-rays based on your medical history and the coverage you are seeking.

How to Avoid the Life Insurance Medical Exam

no medical exam life insurance policy

no medical exam life insurance policy allows you to skip the exam and still enjoy life insurance coverage. You will complete a questionnaire regarding your medical history. Complete honesty is necessary with this application because the insurance provider will review your medical history.If you are interested in life insurance but don’t want to sit through the health exam, a no medical exam life insurance policy is the right choice. Readily available from top insurance companies, these policies will also go into effect more quickly to provide you with the coverage you need. However, your policy will be revoked or the premium levels increased if the company discovers that you misrepresented your medical history on the application.

If you have any questions or would like quotes for a no medical exam life insurance policy, please call Josh Docktor, an Independent Insurance Agent with Docktor’s Insurance at 1-888-773-1181.

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