Obtaining Cheap Life Insurance Without Medical Exam


The Protection You Need Without The Inconvenience!Cheap Life Insurance Without Medical Exam

People who want to protect their families with life insurance don’t always have the time or inclination to sit through a medical exam.

If you’ve been searching for policies that will give you the protection you need without the inconvenience, then you’ll be excited to learn that you can buy life insurance with no medical exam.

What to Expect

When carriers issue life insurance without a medical exam, they still want to know about your overall health. The applications of these policies typically include questions on actual age, lifestyle, gender and basic health information. The company may also request copies of your medical history and pharmaceutical records in order to better ascertain your overall health. Acceptance and policy levels are based on this information.

The Importance of Honesty

When you apply for life insurance with no medical exam, the company expects you to be honest. Your answers will be compared against the medical records they received.

If they determine that you were misleading in your answers, they can decline your application.

Available Plans : Term life Insurance No Medical Exam

There are several options to consider when you apply for life insurance without a medical exam.

  • Permanent life insurance provides you with protection for the full life of the individual.
  • Term life insurance will only be in force for a fixed number of years.
  • Guaranteed issue policies are typically geared for older individuals and are available for individuals 50-85 years old.

However, these carry the highest premiums and lowest coverage levels because medical history is not taken into account.

Is It Right For You

The decision to purchase life insurance with no medical exam is very personal. These policies provide you with coverage in a shorter period of time, but they also carry a higher premium. life insurance without a medical exam

They are the ideal solution for people who don’t want to go through health checkup or don’t have time to meet with the doctor.

Life insurance without a medical exam may be the right choice for people who do not qualify for conventional coverage or find health exams to be particularly inconvenient.

Fill out the application honestly to avoid problems later and prevent any loss of coverage. Finally, take the time to read the fine print to be sure that the insurance plan will provide you with the coverage you are looking for.

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